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Any plans to bring the Linux version of Beholder to ?

Затягивает в сюжет всё сильней и сильней!

Спасибо за Let's Play! Рады что понравилось.

Вам спасибо за хорошие игры! Жду с нетерпением выхода полной игры, а то заинтриговали.....))))

in what game engine did you do it on?


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Sorry for so many questions but how many people are currently working on the game?

Well, the Core team- 13ppls.

The concept of the game is amazing! I knew I'd have to make choices that mattered, therefore I got really scared when I started feeling more involved with some characters. That's the magic of choice-based games and I think Beholder delivers it well. My only problem worth mentioning here (I sent more feedback on the beta survey) is that the wording was a bit off at times, I had to actually stop for a second and reconsider what I read so I can understand what's happening in some quests.

I created a gameplay of Beholder, I hope it gives the game justice. Added a bit of humor to lighten the mood, because it really is a dark-themed game.

Dear Lady Shadow,

Thank you for your interest! Yeah, we know about wording in the current version. We will release an update with a clear texts and with a lot of improvments at Thursday 6.

Great Let's Play!

Thank you again,

Thank YOU for the great game that this is evolving into. Best of luck! :)

Had trouble with some of the game controls. I use a laptop for games so I wasn't able to scale out (zoom). I'll need to buy a mouse

Hi Nerdysylveon,

Well we will try to add bindings for Zoom in/out keys in Setup menu right with WASD camera controls. But yes, it's really comfortable to use mouse instead touchpad atm.

This game had me gripped from the very beginning! The atmosphere, the music, the was all SO GOOD! I can't wait for the full release! Made a gameplay video for support! Great job, devs!

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Thank you for your review! It's really great to see that you like it. Hope your followers will like Beholder too.

Ugh.... Happs.... Why you gotta beat me to the good looking games lol.

Haha. My bad, man. I'm just always on the look out for the good ones. ;)

Love at first play!



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Hi, first impressions of this game is awesome! I did record it, might start a series, here it is: Beholder Introduction

Hi Thomandy,

Thank you for your comment and your Let's play video. Hope you and your followers will enjoy.

love this game so much, the atmosphere of the game really drawn me in with the artstyle, music and the freedom of choice.

i played the beta twice and still want more!! cant wait for the full release!

i hope the full release will have a "sandbox" gameplay after the story is finished because by playing the beta i realised its all story driven and can't progress until the illegal item or illegal activity its over.

i dont know if its possible, but i hope i can help my "son" get laid. HAHA

and please add drag and drop feature for items in the user interface when i am stealing >;D

overall rating?... wait for the full release.

just kidding, it might be in beta but i still think its a masterpiece!

Hi frail,

Thank you for such warm words. Yeah we got a lot of suggestions regarding "sandbox mode" and it's not a really hard to implement from a technical side but it's really hard to make this mode interesting for players. So we decide to focus on story driven quests. May be we will add this mode in future.

BTW, "son" will have his own unique qest lines and they are really intersting :-)

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I have the constantly development message of "cleaning the mesh failed" but the game it's awesome, their shadow-characters and gameplay are a great combination, good work.

Thank you coldbeat

Yeah the current Beta has some glitches, misstypes e.t.c. We decide to focus on a release atm. Sorry for that.

The game is great!

I am very interested in its further passage. Interesting outcome, good gameplay and great thoughtfulness make this game a real masterpiece! The game is very interesting and I look forward to its release! 99/10

Thank you very much for such positive feedback! We are glad to know that we are on the right way!

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I absolutely enjoyed this game. I love everything about it and it really makes you think on what type of person you are. I'm going to definitely follow this game. I can't wait til the full version come out. I've already told all of my friends about this game. I love this so much. 10/10

Thank's a lot! Hope your friends will enjoy

This game was phenomenal. WOW. My score for the game is as follow: ARTSTYLE: 100/10 MUSIC: 100/10 GAMEPLAY: INFINITY SCORE/10. WOW.

Thank you for your review! :)

Looks like a game many youtubers would play.

You are right Chunky

We have a lot of Let's play reviews from youtubers and it's seems they liked it .

This is a really cool and interesting little game. The graphics are well done, the music is perfect for the atmosphere, and the concept is unique and something I haven't seen. I have to say for a beta, this game look and plays really well. I love it's simple yet pretty art style. The people in the game are all well animated and seem to show more than what they actually look like. The world itself is retro and fresh looking and fits the world around it. The story goes is you play as a new apartment manager and its your job to spy on your tenants. It's your job to choose how you allow your tenants to live their lives. Do you report them to the police in hopes of gaining favor with the government? Or do you blackmail them to line your pockets and gain favor with the people you see everyday. All in all a cool and unique new game, and I look forward to seeing the final version of the game. I did a video on my experience with the beta if anyone is interested.

I SEE EVERYTHING | Beholder [Beta]

Hi Maineiacs,

Thank's a lot for your interest and review! Hope you will enjoy full version.